I have been told over and over again by mentors that everything happens for a reason, Our granddaughter Emma moved in with Bernie and I a few days ago to attend the local high school for her senior year. Last night we attended the first volleyball game of her season. Before we went, we were both collapsed in our chairs thinking of how dreadfully tired we were. What in the hell are we getting ourselves into? But we pushed one another out the door and into the car.When we got to the school, we managed to find seats in the top bleacher against the wall where our backs could get support. There was our Emma…playing her heart out for her new team. We lost ourselves in the joy of the moment and our fatigue rolled off.

I don’t know why Emma has come into our life right now…I only know it is God”s will for us and I am reminded that God’s plan is always better than the one I would have set out for myself.

2 thoughts on “Emma”

  1. It could be as simple as you and Bernie creating memories her (and you) to cherish.

    I say that because one year ago today, mom passed away. I recall many memories and they are what has sustained me throughout this past year and for the years to come.

    I hope you continue to have many happy moments with her.

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