I don’t know the source.

Is it the fact of a long needed good night’s sleep?

Is it the intimacy of the sharing in my group last night?

Is it the afterglow of the balloon ride?

Is it the awareness of the many persons and communities
placed before me over the years that have drawn out of me my true self,
toppling my ego-self off its wall?

Is it the change of season?

I don’t know.

But this morning I walked out to greet the sun as I do

And out of my mouth comes “How Great Thou Art”.

I don’t remember all of the words, just the chorus, but that is all I want.

I am lost in my gratitude.

I pluck out of the universe like an apple off a tree:

“Gratitude is the doorway to Grace”

I have held this in my hand before.

Now it is time to eat it.