Heard Wisdom

Often when I am out and about, I like to make note of really interesting comments made by people. Here are some comments I heard this past weekend at a retreat I attended:

Most of us remain tadpoles most of our lives.

Fear and Ego are bedfellows. If you let go of fear, you loosen ego.

Fear is a closing – me isolating. The opposite is me opening.

When you create something, you let it go. This is what artists do. People get their own meaning from the art. We need to let go of outcomes.

Wherever you go, you are there.

When you lay a fear down, there is a death.

What we are really afraid of is our brilliance. (Nelson Mandella)

Huge fear is when we are separate…where there is one, there is love.

The quality of your doing comes out of the quality of your being.

God’s language is silence. All other is bad interpretation.