Humility as Teachability

Just a quick thought this morning on something I read the other day: “To be humble means to be teachable.” This new definition changes, for me, the whole idea of humility. I used to think of it as having a sense of being “less than” another. Or I considered it the opposite of self-centeredness.  I saw it as a virtue that people who are in position of power or wealth or a respected occupation need to have. Humility brings down a notch those who are too high up that imaginary ladder of importance.

But reading this idea that humility means being teachable shows me that everyone needs humility if they are to grow in wisdom and knowledge. Whether a homeless person or the CEO of a big corporation, we all need to know more about life. And we can learn from anyone anywhere. The president of the United States stands to learn something from the lady who cleans his office. The lady in his office stands to learn something from the child in the house down the block. We can all learn from those whose political and religious views are contrary to ours, even from those we might call our enemies.

My faith tells me that my Higher Power is guiding me all the time. The best stance for me is that of a student sitting in a classroom. The lessons my Master has for me are precious and I don’t want to miss a thing.