Just sitting around

Before my knee surgery I had visions of doing all sorts of creative things during my recovery. Writing was one of these. For some reason I thought the only problem I would have was a painful knee that would turn into a sore one and then into a normal one. But I didn’t count on the amount of time and energy physical therapy would take or the pain, certainly not the pain. It is hard to be creative when your knee is throbbing. And it is hard to do PT when you have pain.

I am sleeping a lot. I thought that was due to the pain medications but even though they are gone, I am still sleeping. A nurse in the hospital told me healing takes energy. I guess she was right.

As the days pass, things are getting better, though. I have had two or three “out” days. Just little errand that get me out into the sunshine and looking at somthing new and having little conversarions with people. But not as engaging as I think my life usually is. Does it sound like I am bored? Hey, I think that is it!

I don’t have PT today and my knee is feeling a pretty good. I think I will ask Bernie to drop me off at a babysitter’s, I mean a friend’s. A change of scenery. A chance to talk to someone about something besides knees.

My new knee is 24 days old today.

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