Bernie and I just spent the weekend with old college friends. During the day, the women went shopping. I had to be dropped back at my friend’s house early because my knees couldn’t stand the walking any more. I needed a nap anyway after the late-night game of Mexican Train which is our group favorite. Lots of teasing and laughter. There are always times of reminscing when we get together with these friends. Nowadays, when we bring up old stories, we each have blank spots in the telling and have to fill in these blanks for each other. Memory loss, perhaps, but as a group we do pretty good.

I received several lectures on why I should have knee surgery sooner than later. I got another one after I got home from my daughter. I have been working on being grateful for the many things I am still able to do instead of what I can’t do. That is a positive place to be, I thought. My friends think I can do better. I promised everyone I would think more seriously about it.