Love Lobby

I get posts on Facebook from two organizations that are lobbying for changes in gun control, both started by parents of children killed by persons who should not have had guns in their hands, sometimes children themselves. It seems like theNRA lobby against change in our gun laws is weakening. These parents are driven by love for their children and compassion for those families who are going through the same trials they have had to go through. This is how it works. The most important changes are those that come about by love for others, not for self-interests.

2 thoughts on “Love Lobby”

  1. It is the organizations that are sending me the posts on Facebook. They will report encounters with the NRA , comments by legislators who are starting to speak out, and successes in various states where laws are being changed. Here are the links. Much of what they share are events of killings by people who would not have had a gun had controls would have been in place or been applied. These are sometimes hard to watch

  2. I am curious…about your comment that the NRA lobby is weakening. On what do you base this? I have seen no sign of their losing any strength, but I would sure love if it were true…

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