Packing and Purging

Bernie and I really kicked butt packing today. Our daughter, Becky, returns from a trip tonight and she will be pleased, I think. We offered to come  help because her schedule was overwhelming and, frankly, Bernie considers himself an expert packer. We have moved 8 times in our 50 years and he has had a lot of experience.

The house Becky is moving into has considerably less storage than the one she is vacating. As we pack, I wonder where she will put all of her things. She needs a purging for sure. Bernie may like packing but I prefer purging.

Last time I purged, I counted my shirts and decided how just how many I actually need (5 sleeveless, 5 short sleeve, and 5 long sleeve) and got rid of the rest. Same with the other clothes. I decided to stop saving clothes that are too small, “just in case”. I condensed my spices and got rid of the old. I counted coffee mugs, storage containers and extension chords. I had to free myself of old ideas like “I may need it some day.”

I evaluated the toys and games (just how much do I need to entertain the grandkids? I do want them to go home eventually). Too many flower pots and vases – some had to go. Two huge boxes of picture frames for the family pictures I have never gotten around to hanging. How many twisties do you need to keep in the silverware drawer? How many can openers?

I threw away much, gave away more; some things I stored for posterity but was careful to label. It was a good exercise, a chore I would rather do than clean house anytime.

3 thoughts on “Packing and Purging”

  1. … lol… love you! PS: you should have seen what we had prior to the last month of donations!

  2. It sounds like a great retirement project. 🙂 Until then, I really like my candles and coffee mugs 🙂

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