Peace – Running out the Door

Fifteen minutes and I have to be walking out the door on this very cold Minnesota morning. Fifteen minutes to tell you that I am finding something that was lost. It is funny how that is happening. I am revisiting books I’d first read twenty and thirty years ago. I guess I forgot what they taught me. Or perhaps I moved through them with such unconsciousness that more slid away than I took hold of.

This morning, I began again to read the story of Peace Pilgrim, a woman who spent the years between 1953 to 1981 walking across this country and in other countries preaching peace. Her path was this: Peace within, then peace in your family and close relationships, then out into the world. We cannot bring peace to the world, she preached, unless we have peace within.

I had forgotten this. Peace Pilgrim was close to me as I began this blog three years ago. I hope to reconnect with her in the days to come. In the more recent past, I have been broken and this brokenness is what I brought out into my world. I have to stop that.

A choice for peace in each moment as it comes up. Peace with the person in front of me and with all those who walk the earth with me this day.

Time to go…but I am going to a meeting of friends, people I love and support and who love and support me. This is a path I cannot stay on alone.

Peace to all of you and thank you for dropping by on this cold Minnesota morning.