Politics, Elections, and Hope

I am not feeling as dark as I have been in the past few election seasons. In fact, think that I am actually feeling hopeful. I am hearing a few candidates talk about issues of concern to me that in the past few elections were not even discussed or were so watered down to avoid alienating voters that I knew nothing would be done.

But my hope is not placed so much on the outcome of the election as it was in past years. Many an election was won by someone I thought would lead the country into disaster and sometimes this did happen, but the American people have miraculously survived. In fact, disasters, for me, helped to refine my convictions. There were more cause and effect scenerios to help me understand how things work.

I have another source of hope, one that can protect me from getting all tied in drama knots if I allow it. That is the hope I feel when I observe and experience the goodness in people. People I love may hold opposing political views and I am okay with that because I care more about who they are than about our differences. When there are disasters, natural or humanly created, I see people put their differences aside to help one another. I know this is not always true, but it is true enough to give me hope.

This season, I won’t let any crazy-making political rhetoric pull me down as it has done far too many times in the past.

Life is too short.

2 thoughts on “Politics, Elections, and Hope”

  1. Yes, I have been following the chatter in the US about the coming election. This may be the first time I’ve seen so much renewed excitement. And because so many people have been discouraged in the past with the candidates, (to the point of not even voting); there could finally be a President that actually ‘walks the talk.’
    My husband says that there should be a law that says if you make campaign promises; you have to fulfill those promises or suffer consequences.
    The Brits are already making their bets. Me too.

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