Ponderings from Up Over

Bernie and I are in Colorado babysitting my son’s children. Before my son Chris and his wife Wendy left on their trip to Australia to see their daughter, he told me he’d keep us posted through Facebook and his blog. I told him I, too, would be posting from the other side of “down under”. I was up at 4 am this morning after lying awake for an hour.  This is not unusual for me but back in Minnesota napping is easy in our retired, quite home. But, after only two days on the job, I realize that there will be no writing unless I am up before any kids get up. This might be my last chance, in other words.

There are 12 kids still at home out of Chris and Wendy’s 16. So far, my years of being a parent and my education as a parent educator have come through for me. Today is only day three, of course.

I am realizing that I am a tough grandma. Being a grandma can be a good thing. The older kids buy it when I tell them it is not a good thing to make a grandma worry. The oldest boys have been adamant about letting me know where they are and when they will be home. I am grateful for this because a scared grandma is like a wicked witch and spells will be cast. I haven’t told them yet that I have such powers.

The day before Chris and Wendy left, there was a lot of orientating to do. We have lists of phone numbers and all sorts of arrangements have been made to make this as easy as possible for Grandpa and I. There are about 15 people we can call on for various reasons. Two women offered to bring over a prepared supper whenever we set it up with them. There is a woman who will step in to do baby sitting or taking care of the dogs if we need them. One mom will keep me posted about home school happenings and will take a couple of kids off my hands now and then just to lower the chaos level in the house. Wendy arranged to have a gal come 4 or 5 times to clean so I don’t get overwhelmed. They set up a break for next weekend. One family is taking on all of the 12 while Bernie and I regroup and do what we want for a couple of days. Yesterday, which we thought would be a day from hell with all the running, one of these friends filled in for us at the coop by being the required present adult which allowed Grandpa to come home instead of hanging around for the day. She even brought the kids home after classes were done. The day from hell turned out to be pretty relaxing.

It is the start of day three. The sky is just starting to lighten. I have a lot more to share, but Bernie and I have to get to making bacon and pancakes soon. I should guess there won’t be much philosophizing or theologizing or politicizing in this blog for a while. The only world that exists right now is the one I am sitting in right now waiting for the sun to rise.

4 thoughts on “Ponderings from Up Over”

  1. Wow Judy, 12 kids. I think we are about the same age (I graduated from high school in 1963) and all I can say is better you than me, LOL. Well, you have Bernie, that helps but still, uffda. I hope the time passes by quickly. How long are Chris and Wendy gone? I can’t imagine going to Australia for any time less than 2 weeks, given the cost and distance. But 2 weeks with 12 kids would have me in the looney bin.

  2. Wow what a great experience with your grandkids! Hope you also get to enjoy Colorado some.

    1. We are pretty familiar with Colorado with two of our kids families being here and in Arizona. Can see the mountains right out the window. Great experience with the grandkids indeed. It is almost three in the afternoon and I am absolutely exhausted.

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