Powerlessness and Peace

Like most of you, I have been disturbed by the attacks in Paris and others that did not receive as much media but were as harmful to those affected. It is awful to consider where we have come. We have never, as a human race, been able to deal with the issue of war. It is our ultimate failure. I cannot think of times when war led to peace. Temporary quiet, perhaps, but the causes of war were always there waiting to erupt once again.

I am at a loss for answers. France is into retaliation mode. I cannot blame France. But history is not on their side as far as violence overcoming violence. No answers here. None.

But in looking for something to hang onto, I have this:

I cannot change anybody but myself. And knowing this, I can continue to work on my attitude toward those who are different than me, those of different races, cultures, politics, way of life, religious beliefs. I can refuse to label groups for the behaviors of some within those groups. I can relate to people as individuals and to treat them as I want to be treated…with respect and honor. I can pray using the tools my Higher Power has given me. I can speak my thoughts if I think they might be useful while knowing others may not listen or care. I can choose action rather than reaction. I can be a peaceful presence whenever I have it in me to be so. All this I can do.

It may not sound like power, but at some moments, it feels like it is.