Ready for Knee Surgery

I have been getting ready for knee surgery the last few days. When I first spoke to the doctor about this, I was told that I would have to let forego a few of the vitamins and medications I was taking for about a week and that I would not be able to eat or drink anything after midnight before the surgery. Then I went to “joint camp”. There I learned that I would have to shower with a special soap for four days before the surgery and wear clean clothes and pajamas, use clean sheets and towels every day. As a result, I have now had thee days of laundry.

I also was instructed to begin the exercises that would continue after surgery and to use this little breathing machine several times a day two days before. This I have been doing, though I’ve been pretty lax about the exercises due to all the guests in the house. I had to get four pieces of equipment for walking, exercising, bathing and going to the bathroom. There are also personal items that I’ve had to shop for and still need. I am investigating insurance coverage for a certain medication. I should have done this weeks ago and hope to get results even if the documents are late.

The surgery is tomorrow. I am pretty ready. I even made a list of things I can do that don’t require getting up and walking around. On the list are things like cleaning out my phone of texts and old phone messages and Word of old useless documents, writing thankyou notes to all the lovely people who helped celebrate our 50th anniversary, and calling some friends that I have been neglecting. Those who have had knee surgery tell me that I will be on my feet the first day after surgery. I am thinking that this list might never be completed.

One friend suggested I look at the time of recovery as an opportunity for some spiritual reflection. I like that. I’ve heard people apply Psalm 23 to situations like this, with an extra emphasis: “He maketh me lay down in green pastures.” I think the message is for people who fail to get the rest they ought to be taking and don’t.

I am actually looking forward to my new knee. I’ve been warned that failure to do everything the doctor and therapists tell me to do will result in a less perfect recovery. My hope is that if I obey follow their direction I will be able to move like I did ten years ago. I don’t know how realistic that is but I plan to do the work.

Y’all can pray for me, if you like. Mostly that I keep my attitude in the right place. I have friends who have already offered to help me with that.

As they say, it is all good.

5 thoughts on “Ready for Knee Surgery”

  1. Wow – I’ve never heard of so many preparations but you did it. We’ll be praying for you!

  2. I have had knee surgery before. The hardest part was using the bathroom and washing my hair. But I was given a raised toilet seat which helped; and I bent over a walker while someone else washed my hair. I crocheted an afghan during that time.
    I am going for hip replacement surgery after the first of the year, so maybe some of your tips afterwards will be helpful to me too. Best of luck Judy.

  3. will be praying for you, of course and will be there to help out any way I can! Love you!!

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