A thought came to mind the other day when it seemed that the God who hides really doesn’t exist.

It was this: “God is in kindness”.

I remembered the kindnesses I witnessed over the years,
moments when tears came to my eyes
or when my mind  stopped its incessant rolling
my heart changed its beat.

I am not talking about kindnesses that I myself performed
or that another performed on my behalf.

Rather, kindnesses I witnessed:
in a preschool room of parents and children
a grandparent and child on a park bench
two old men in a doctor’s waiting room.

I see and I know.

5 thoughts on “Seeing”

  1. Nice to read your blog again–I have missed it. Hope the move goes well…

    1. Miss you guys. We are in Arizona…to help our daughter Becky move to a different house. Need to see our friends.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. Actually, I have had things to say for the last couple of days but no time to blog. We are in Arizona helping my daughter move. Drove through Iowa. Wonder what town you live in there.

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