On Facebook I am invited to like words of thanks to nurses, teachers, fire fighters, police officers and our military personel. I would like to thank a few people  that I never see mentioned.

Thankyou to those who collect our garbage and recycling…to those who clean the rest rooms at restaurants and gas stations…to those who wait on tables or cook my food when I eat out…to those who work on our roads and bridges…to those who repair and rebuild and reuse…to those who move snow or clean up after natural disasters…to those who care for us as we travel, airport workers, airline hosts, pilots, train conductors and bus drivers…to those who do safety inspections and who check for contanimants in food and in the air…to those who care for animals…to those who clean our schools and public buildings…to plumbers and appliance and furnace repair people…to Facebook friends and relatives who keep me informed about their lives and about life in general…to comedians and entertainers of all kinds who bring richness and lightness to a world that sometimes seems heavy and dark.

Thankyou to anyone I encounter each day that changes my day for the better because of your smile or kind comment. Thank you for those who cannot manage a smile or kind comment because you give me reason to pray.

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