The Golden Rule and Muslims

I am thinking about the Golden Rule right now and trying to apply it to Donald Trump’s idea of what to do about the Muslims. If I really believe in the Golden Rule, which I claim I do, then whatever I would want for the Muslims, I should want for myself and for others. So, if I think Muslim women should not wear a scarf, then I and other Christian women should be willing to refrain from wearing jewelry with a cross. Men are not exempt. What about all those Christian message t-shirts and ties? Keep them hidden in your closet. Jewish men, of course, should cease wearing their yarmulkes’ in public. No zodiac and animal totem signs either. What is fair is fair.

If Mosques are to be banned from Muslims, then we ought to board up the churches, the temples, and synagogues as well.

If a Muslim is to refrain from speaking words of praise to Allah, then by golly, I should have to button my lips when I feel inspired to praise God or to thank Jesus. Fair is fair. The Golden Rule reigns!

One can argue that when we talk about terrorists we are talking about Muslims, not Christians, because they are the ones perpetuating terrorist attacks in our country right now.  If you believe that then you have selective hearing and seeing.  Here is what I have found:

  1. Non-Muslims committed 90% of terrorist attacks in America.
  2. The top 5 jihadist attacks in America were committed by Christians, not Muslims.
  3. Right wing terrorists are twice as likely to kill Americans than Muslims.


Well, that does if for me. A proud American, I will wear my faith symbols proudly while I defend the right of those people of other faith’s to do so as well.

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