Thoughts from Peace Pilgrim

I don’t have much time to blog this morning. I will be hosting an event at my house this afternoon and have to get into the preparation. So I thought I would just share a couple of things I read from Peace Pilgrim this morning:

Difference between knowledge and wisdom:

That which is received from without can be compared to knowledge. It leads to believing, which is seldom strong enough to motivate action. That which is confirmed from within after it is contacted from without, or that which is directly perceived from within (which is my way) can be compared to wisdom. It leads to a knowing, and action goes right along with it.

Difference between faith and grace:

To me, faith represents that people can, through their own free will, reach out and contact God, and grace represents that God is always reaching toward people.  To me it is very important that I remain in constant contact with God, or divine purpose.

Divine Spark:

There is a spark of goodness in everybody,  no matter how deeply it is buried. It is the real you. When I say ‘you’ what am I really thinking of? Am I thinking of the clay garment, the body? No, that’s not the real you. The real you is that divine spark. Some call this the God-centered nature, others the divine nature and Kingdom of God within. Hindus know it as nirvana; the Buddhists refer to it as the awakened soul; the Quakers see it as the Inner Light. In other places it is known as the Christ in you, the Christ Consciousness, the hope of glory, or the indwelling spirit. Even some psychologists have a name for it, the superconscious. But it is all the same thing dressed in different words. The important thing to remember is that it dwells within you!