Traveling with Michener

Bernie and I got home from Arizona yesterday. Today I am hitting the laundry. He spent the day painting walls at the new Boys & Girls Club. The drive from here to St. John’s Arizona is long and it is even longer coming home. But we made the time pass more quickly with me reading aloud Michener’s book Hawaii , which I started before we actually went to Hawaii (February). It entertained us for a good portion of that trip, in the car for our trip to Colorado in March to babysit our 12 grandchildren, as well as lots of short little trips to my daughter Kate’s (3 hours) and the neighboring towns. We still have not completed the book. I am not a slow reader. If you are a James Michener fan, I really don’t have to explain a thing. 

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    1. I like him, too. I have read perhaps half a dozen. It is a great way to learn historic context. My husband is not much of a reader, but he loves being read to. Perhaps we will move on to another. I recall starting with The Source. I really enjoyed the ones that helped me with the history of my own country: Centenial, Texas, Alaska and Chesapeake. I read Poland and remember thinking “I know now why people make Polish jokes”. I am Polish, by the way.
      Thanks for the comment.

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