Yesterday I was driving north to Little Falls when a bird flew into the path of my car. I was sure that I would hit it and expected a “thug” and feathers flying behind me. But the wind current created by my car lifted her and she escaped the car. I thought, “There it is again, a ‘wake up’ call. Another message from my Higher Power to pay attention, to get out of my head and into the moment.” So, now in the moment, I could see eagles or hawks floating around and over the tree tops in the distance, in circular motion the way they do. Then suddenly on the roadside to my left I caught glimpse of a bald eagle, perfect, strikingly white head and in its bold yellow beak dangled a small critter. She seemed to stumble forward slightly then gaining her bearings she lifted off the ground and flew off. All in split seconds it took me to drive by her.

My Higher Power does this all the time but rarely is the event I open my eyes to so spectacular. Sometimes it is an event that involves being safe as in my driving or when I should pay more attention to where I place my feet. I know I am supposed to move toward being awake to the moment more and more. My Higher Power seems to have a lot to show me in the miles to go before I sleep and doesn’t want me to waste so much of my time in my head.


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