Wash Cloths and Consciousness Raising

I was hoping this would happen. I decided to accompany my creative daughter Heidi on her road trip with the hope that my sleeping creativity would be awakened. Well it is waking up and is almost uncontrollable. It seems to be of the morning variety in keeping with the rest of me. Thoughts are popping into my head with barely a prompt. I have to quickly find a piece of paper to write them down so that I won’t forget. I record the prompt and the creative thought so I can contextualize it later in the sharing of it. Here is one this morning.

I am in a motel in Kansas City. Heidi and the kids are with her friend Heather and family eating breakfast before they leave to come get me. Heidi texted me, “Where are the wash cloths?” She had in her possession a few wash cloths that I had crocheted and I had asked her to pack them  so  we could use them as thank you gifts as we travel. I went to text her back. I started to write: “You were supposed to pack them. You should know”,  or something like that. But I stopped and realized the judgment and blame in that statement. I might as well say, “That was your responsibility and you failed to  meet it. I guess that means that you are an irresponsible person.”

I corrected myself and texted this: “I don’t know (where they are). If you don’t find them, will mail one later.” What could have stung her and chipped a little at our relationship, instead, turned out to be a source of learning for me and I was able to act on it.

This is what consciousness can do. And what creative action does is share the learned lesson with others to raise their consciousness as well.

Have a good day, All. She will be here soon and we will be on our way.