I belong to a Spirituality Book Club. It is the practice to have the next person hosting our meeting to choose the next book. Most of the time the members will suggest a book that they are curious about or have had recommended to them by others. When they do that, we all take a chance because we don’t really know whether we will like the book or not; it is a step into the dark for all. I am a bit insecure so I usually choose a book that I have already read and liked. The downfall of this is that I find myself re-reading a book. No matter how much I like it, I am a person who wants to move on to something else.

Our current pick is Tomorrow’s God by Neal Donald Walsch. I chose it and find myself having to reread it. Strangely, as I go through it, it is almost like I never read it before and it has only been about a year. Perhaps it is because Walsch’s ideas about rethinking our image of God are so radical for me that I am still struggling to take it in. By the way, I am a free person. I know I don’t have to “take in” anything. When I hear or read someone else’s ideas about religion or about God, I can agree or not, whatever strikes me as sensible in the moment. In rejecting someone else’s ideas, I don’t need to reject them.  Whatever they are sharing is just the way they happen to see things.

Walsch is presenting a new spirituality quite different from the one I myself grew up with. Something I read this morning felt to me to be quite relevant in the light of what is happening in our world right now.  The horror of what ISIS is doing and the issue of what to do with refugees is foremost in my mind as I share this.

Walsch has a conversation with God about a core message of the new spirituality: Oneness. Here is what he has God say:

You have no idea how important this is…Everything would change if this one idea was “gotten”, if this one thought resided in your subconscious and became your natural instinct, if this one concept became your operating philosophy, and the operating philosophy of your species.

Everything would change. Everything. Politics would change, economics would change, careers would change, your ideas about relationships, and sexuality and conflict resolution and the purpose of Life-everything- would change.

So this is not a small thing, it is not a say-it-once-and-brush-it-aside thing, it is a big thing, worth repeating over and over again, worthy of coming back to time and time again. Teach this, Teach this. All else will fall into place.

Here are four words to memorize: WE ARE ALL ONE.

Model that when you make your next choices and decisions. Model that when you make your next moves and plan your next strategies. Model that when you set your earnings goals, establish your employees salary scales, make up the sticker price for the product or service you sell.

Model that when you go into the War Room or the Boardroom or the Bedroom. Model that when you enter the mosque or synagogue or cathedral or temple.

Model that when you life your life, in every moment of your life, and you will teach everything there is to teach about the New Spirituality and Tomorrow’s God.

If you cannot see relevance in this today, I am sorry. I don’t want to quote Jesus to support this idea of oneness because I would have to write just about everything he said. In my mind it is the center of his teachings. It is taking me a long time to let the idea penetrate my consciousness and I am still working on it. The idea of oneness re-presents itself every day of my life.  It is for me both challenging and hopeful. If everyone actually believed in our oneness, well, the world would be transformed. I pray for this today and I will try to live it in all my encounters.

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  1. Am finally about to begin this book; thanks for piquing my interest! It looks powerful. Hope you are healing well!

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