What To Do With Insights

I have been reading so many good things lately.
I think one of my problems is that I no sooner take something in
than there is some new insight that catches my fancy
and I go off running after that.
It gets in the way of my writing, for sure.
I make these lists of topics I could write about and when I visit the list
I can’t get my brain around what the heck I was thinking at the time I put it on the list.

There is so much to learn in this life, so much.
I would love to share some of these things with others, and I do somewhat.
The wisdom I have gained often comes back when a life circumstance pops up
that requires that piece.
That is when I know I have actually learned something.
My chosen pattern of living suggests that I will intuitively know what to do or say.
Intuition…I guess that is what they call that.
My mother would have called it flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants.
She also said that life is an adventure.
I thought that was a pretty neat thing to say until I found out
that the adventure God put me on is full of potholes and quick sand.

So, if I can’t always find time and means to write about the lessons learned in life,
what should I do?
I know of a woman who had a similar problem. She had a son who would not listen to her.
He thought he knew everything. When she couldn’t get through to him, she decided to store her wisdom in her heart…perhaps for another time when he might be ready to hear it.
Her name was Mary.

So, I guess that is one thing I can do.

I can store my childhood experiences so that when my own child or grandchild suffers hurt,
I may be able to comfort them.
I can store my guilt for the harms I have done so that when a friend mourns the harm they have done,
I can sit with them until they can forgive themselves and move on.
I can store the memory of broken relationships
so that the lessons I have learned about repair can be taught to another.
I can store my disappoints in God, church, and country
so that those who are losing hope can know they are not alone.
I can take the tears I have shed over trying to find my true self
so that I can water the seeds of self in those I love so that the Self can emerge into the light of day.