What to do with Resentments

A statement attributed to Jim Carey: “The more resentment I carried, the smaller my heart became.” I feel today that the world is overloaded with small hearts.

I am an expert at carrying resentments, at least I used to be. In know that what Carey said is true: when I carried a resentment against someone, my capacity to love and care about them shrunk. Today, I don’t carry resentments, at least not for more than a couple of minutes at a time. For one thing, they are too heavy. That is why my knees are going bad. What I do with them is this:

  1. I tell a wise and trusted friend about my resentment. They help me sort things out.
  2. I stop judging the other person’s intentions. I don’t know why a person did something to hurt me. Any guesses on my part are just projections.
  3. I pray for the person I resent. I pray for their well-being and happiness. Praying helps keep my heart from collapsing until the resentment has a chance to fade away.
  4. I pray for healing for myself because resentment is a sickness as sure as the flu, and just as debilitating.
  5. I go on to do the next right thing and work at blocking out the resentful thoughts that keep hammering at me.


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  1. wanted to read this to Bob but his sister is here visiting right now. Will save it for a later time. Thanks!!

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