Wise Words

Words spoken at an event I recently attended:

“There are only two kinds of people in the world – those who need recovery and know it and those who need recovery and don’t know it.”

“Dealing with the past is not the same as wallowing in it.”

“You spell blame: “be lame”.

“If you want to be forgiven you need to confess to God. If you want to be healed, you need to confess to somebody else.”

“Until you experience grace, you can’t be gracious to others.”

What a lucky soul am I to find myself in the presence of such wise people!

3 thoughts on “Wise Words”

    1. These were things I heard people say over a period of time. Often when I hear someone say something that I think is clever or wise, I write it down. I am afraid that I don’t often remember what came before that prompted their words. Is there a particular comment you liked or wonder about? I can at least tell you why I like it.

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