A Conspiracy Against Saying “Merry Christmas”?

Am I from another planet or what? I am seeing all these posts on Facebook about the idea of saying “Merry Christmas”. The tone is such that there is some kind of movement to forbid people to do so. Am I missing something? I am not in the least afraid to wish people a Merry Christmas and when I do so no one has ever raised an objection.

What are all these posts reacting to? I need someone to inform me.


4 thoughts on “A Conspiracy Against Saying “Merry Christmas”?”

  1. I don’t think there really is a conspiracy problem. However, when I worked in banking, we were told that customers were of many faiths and with the risk of offending someone, we should either say, Happy Holidays, or Seasons Greetings. I worked for many years in a funeral home and it was not appropriate to say Merry Christmas, as families were grieving and possibly not having a ‘Merry’ Christmas. When I lived in Florida, I worked for a Jewish funeral home…..enough said. I feel that Christmas is a time for families to share in love and to show compassion to those that are suffering in some way. So without knowing anyone’s personal situation or perspective, we should all try to be sensitive if we can.

    1. I love your comment. It reflects a view that puts the emphasis on the well-being of the “other” rather than on the self. This, I believe, is what Jesus asks of me in my relationships with others.

  2. Those posts are just from conservatives who think there is a conspiracy of some sort to deny people the right to say Merry Christmas. It doesn’t have a basis in reality. I have wished people a Merry Christmas for years and no one has ever told me I can’t. Sometimes I say happy holidays and again no one objects. When friends post those memes about not being able to say it I ask when and where were you denied the right to say it. They cannot answer.

    1. Excellent point, Elizabeth. So glad to hear from you again.
      I can’t help but wonder if people who don’t experience discrimination in their lives feel a little left out and come up with things like this so they can feel like they belong.

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