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I read a posting on Facebook recently about how Christians should be seekers of The Truth. I am a Christian and I have one question for the author of this post: “What in the heck are you talking about?!” Comments that followed went political. One person posted a picture of President Obama and some things he was supposed to have said, bad things. Whatever! It could have been someone posting a pic of Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton speaking bad things in the angriest of tone.

This blog post is about truth. I suppose that for most people, truth is facts. In other words, did such words actually come out of the mouth of such and such a person? And the next reasonable questions might be “Was this all that the person said or were there other things they said that might change the meaning of the words?” Another thing to consider is the speaker’s intention.Where they quoting someone else to make a point? Were they doing a comedy routine?

The same questions can be applied to events. What is the broader context in a situation, events that come before or after? What is the purpose of the event? A funeral, a wedding, a debate? What is the intention of those involved? All important truth-seeking questions to ask. Good stuff.

But I don’t think this is really what some people mean when they talk about truth seeking. Christians, some say, should seek The Truth (two capital T’s). This is what baffles me. I asked someone about this once and he pointed out to me that truth is not relative. “There is an absolute Truth,” he said. I don’t know about the relative part, but I couldn’t agree more with the belief in an Absolute Truth.” What I don’t agree with is that you or anyone else that is human with a finite mind and confused heart can possibly know the absolute truth about anything.  The best we can do is choose to follow whatever seems true to us today.

Peace Pilgrim said that we should live by our highest truth that we can grasp today. I really like that because I cn to tell you that my life has been full of days when I look back and realize that what I believed in the past is no longer true in the light of new evidence and awareness. Maybe that is what relative truth is. What I believe today is truer than yesterday’s truth but … there is always tomorrow.

My highest truth today is this: “Love God with your whole heart and your whole mind and your neighbor as yourself.” And for me, my neighbor means everybody.

3 thoughts on “Christian Seeking The Truth”

  1. The only truth is the Bible. What is so hard to understand about that? People over think and over analyze everything nowadays. All the answers are right there in front of us.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kristine. I don’t know about the Bible being the only truth, but the truth I shared at the end of my piece I found in the Bible. It has always been a source of inspiration and guidance for me. But the Bible isn’t the only place I find guidance and inspiration. I find it in my friends. I find it in times when I see people doing kindnesses for one another. This past week a dear friend died and I was able to be with him in his journey. It was a special teaching for me about death and life and love of family.

      1. Maybe so. However, friends are humans and they make mistakes. So in that sense the Bible is the only truth. It never disappoints or lies. Of course, there are many edifying books that we can read for supplement. But the Bible stays forever.

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