Flashing in my Head – Gratitude for a Friend

This  is my actual journal writing this morning:

Suddenly, I want to make gifts – it just flashed into my head because Dan spoke at the gathering yesterday and he spoke slowly, insecurely. At the end – he didn’t know the end – he said, “Did I talk enough, Toby?” He’d started his story with a statement: “I like to bring food here because people appreciate it. Not  like work where no one appreciates you.” And I felt sad for him that he goes off to work every day and puts in 8 hours of his life in a setting where no one sees him. But we were seeing Dan and loving everything he said because every word was a heart-word. 

So this thought: a gift for Dan. I know what I will give him – a home embroidered kitchen towel and crocheted wash rag. He will love it.