Glorious Morning

Getting off the topic of my trip to Israel this morning, I will just share what I wrote in my personal journal:

I woke at six this morning hearing the voices of Maddie and Emma (my granddaughters) in the kitchen. They had stopped but pick up Bernie’s trailer to take up north with them.

I walked out dopey, of course, but so pleased at the idea of eight hours of sleep. “How are you, Grandma,” Maddie said. “I am great,” I said. “I am finally over  post-traumatic-plane syndrome.”  The two girls giggled at me like they always do.

Bernie said, “Say something intelligent.”

“I just did,” I said. The girls laughed even harder. I don’t really mind being laughed at, not this morning, anyway.

After they left, I went out to greet the sun. God is here. I know God is here all the time but when I can see the sun and the air is comfortable and the wind is quiet and the birds are not…

Glorious. Glorious.

16 thoughts on “Glorious Morning”

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