Happy Birthday, Heidi

Today is the birthday of my youngest daughter, Heidi. She is turning 40!

I was telling her this  morning that I celebrated my 40th birthday by treating myself to a private retreat at a nearby retreat center. I felt it was a time to reflect on my life and to think about the future.  I don’t recall what my thoughts were about the future, but I believe they had something to do with taking care of my soul. I began around that time to read books that are designed to help one grow spiritually. I remember reading A Course in Miracles in my forties. I didn’t understand a word of it. I wasn’t ready. But it was like a light for me, not so much to guide me as to see at the end of a long tunnel.

I have read many spirituality books in the 30 plus years since then. I have gone on retreats and joined communities that focused growing on the inside where the spirit resides. Growing was an adventure even though there were many perils along the way. I have gathered around me friends who also want to grow and we commit to helping one another.

The decade of my 70’s is a far cry from my 40’s but I can say that the work I began back then has everything to do with the serenity and faith I have today.

Happy Birthday, youngest child. May your 40’s be years of increasing light.

Love, Mom