How I feel about Donald Trump.

I want to tell you how I feel about Donald Trump. This isn’t about his politics or his campaign. It isn’t even a judgment…just my feelings.

I am so oblivious to his world that until he ran for president, I didn’t know who he was. I had seen him once when I was cruising channels, which one often does when one likes so little of what TV has to offer. I happened upon a reality TV show called The Apprentice. I hate reality TV, by the way. I think they are lazy efforts at entertainment and cheap because there are enough people so hungry to be known that they will work for little or nothing. I also hate the idea that people think that the world actually wants to watch them live their lives. I prefer just enjoying the one I have.

What I saw when The Apprentice appeared on my screen shocked me. I came near the end of what appeared to be the final step of a group of people all vying for the same job. A number of men and women sat around a large table with this odd looking man sitting at the head. It was elimination time. Only one of the competitors would get the position. Trump proceeded to tell them one at a time why they had failed to make the cut. It was brutal, demeaning, humiliating…I don’t have enough words to describe what I watched. I remember thinking, “Who is this guy? How can he be so awful toward these people?” I remember how he treated one woman in particular. He slammed her for her appearance, which he didn’t do to the men, driving her to tears. I remember thinking, “Why would anyone want to work for this man?” He made my skin crawl and my heart ache.

That was it. No more Donald Trump until he decided to run for president. Now I get to see him on stage for four years. He will be dominating the news and be the main topic of talk shows and comedy routines. He has already taken over Facebook and most of my e-mail. Thank God I don’t tweet.

I can’t totally remove myself like I could from The Apprentice. I love my Country too much. I have to give him some of my attention. But I still get a heartache every time I see him. Nothing to do with his politics. Just how I feel.


4 thoughts on “How I feel about Donald Trump.”

  1. Time to look for the good and move on from the negative. He’s already done some good and not even in office yet. Saved 1000 jobs in Indiana at the Carrier plant from going to Mexico by going there and discussing it with Carrier.

    1. It will take some work, Nancy. It feels like having an icky man stalking the neighborhood. Really, this isn’t about politics or even what he will do. I am just sharing how I reacted to the way he treated people on the Apprentice. Of course, I will watch what he does as president. I always do that as my duty as a citizen.

      1. I understand how you feel about this, I’m just wondering how much of that talk was “scripted” for the show and not really the man talking but the crew?

        1. You certainly have a point. When a program is not reality TV, I know that a character is created in the mind of a writer and the one presented is not the same as the person I am seeing. I believe that for some reality TV producers will want to see some directing of the characters for the purpose of getting “fans” more engaged. The one difference is that for The Apprentice, Trump himself was the producer. Anyway, as you suggest, I need to let it go and try to respond to each thing as it comes up without my apparent baggage.

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