Playing with the iPad

This morning I realized that I haven’t visited the new iPad since my tutorial with my granddaughter. If I don’t play with the thing I will never get it. I fumbled through emails and even replied to one. I wrote “m” and sent it. That ought to confuse somebody. I tried again and managed to send a message that wasn’t in secret code.

I checked out some books hoping I could find something to read when I go on a trip in a few weeks. The selections don’t much cater to this reader. I am disappointed. Books are a pain to travel with but I always bring several.

I can read my Facebook and go to my blog on this thing. I am blogging right now. If I manage to actually publish this writing, it will be amazing.

The various pages look different than on my computer. It is hard to know where to go or how to get there from where I am. When I get frustrated, I tend to start poking at it. That usually backfires and I destroy what I was doing, send a message to China or I agree to do god-knows-what.

Like now. I just poked something and left this page. I found my way back, which is a good thing or this device would have been flying against the wall.



4 thoughts on “Playing with the iPad”

    1. And now…I figured out how to write a blog post on my email on the ipad, then email it to myself. Then on my computer I can cut and paste it from e-mail to my blog and publish it. Emma says there is a better way but it was too confusing for me.

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