Thoughts – Just Thoughts

I have been a bit off my track, whatever that means. I am a routine person. There are things I do daily that are so ingrained that when my pattern is interrupted, I have to take deep breaths and focus on acceptance of the things I cannot change, namely those circumstances or persons that are interrupting my plans for the day. I remind myself that these things, and not my plans, are my real life. My schedule is just there to keep me grounded.

I realize that I haven’t blogged in a while and I come to the page today without much to say. I miss blogging, or rather, I miss the inspirations that make me want to speak out about something. Even the political climate is failing to stir me this time around. Strange. There sure is a lot that could be said about politics. The last two presidential elections had me emoting beyond the speed limit. I was loaded with opinions and felt a compulsion to share these with the hopes that I was somehow going to influence the outcomes. I was motivated by fear. There were lots of forces out there wanting me to fear so that I would vote a certain way and I played right into their hands.

The forces today are even more adamant than in the past. I just seem to be in a different place inside myself than in the past. I am not as inclined to jump on the fear wagon. People can argue with me on this. “Don’t you see what will happen if so-and-so is elected?” Well, I can guess what will happen, but only guess. So much can happen that can change what we have predicted.

When the time comes to vote, I will. I have preferences already. But my vote is one among many and there is the electoral college thing that seems to water down the power of our individual votes. I have no idea what the rest of the citizens are thinking and believing. I do know this: I have no control over the outcome of the election. I do, however, have control over my attitude and what I do in the next few minutes…

I will post this little piece today. Then I will do the next thing on my list. If I get a call for help or the electricity goes out, I will shift to accommodate the interruption. If I hear something political that is disturbing, I will not let it disturb me. I will file the information for possible reflection when the day comes to vote.

Have a good day, folks. Only you can make it good.