Democrats…More Evil Than Child Abusers?

While we are on politics…I listened to a news commentator on TV the other night who tried to explain why Republicans of Alabama who believe that Roy Murphy is guilty of sexually abusing women and children will support him anyway. She said that it is because, in their minds, being a Democrat is worse than being a child abuser. I was shocked to hear this as I consider myself a Democrat or at least my political views are in that direction. What does that make me?

I have not met a Democrat who thinks that Republicans are as evil as this (although sometimes I wonder.) However you cut the cake, this is poisonous thinking. Are human beings losing their sense of right and wrong? I have relatives who are Republicans. I don’t think of them as evil. I love them and want the best for them even if they continue to hold onto their views. We are one in blood and in spirit. We share in being Americans and being human beings. We share in being children of the One God.

Sad, sad situation.

5 thoughts on “Democrats…More Evil Than Child Abusers?”

  1. Every time I watch the news, new charges of workplace sexual misconduct are coming from nearly every direction. I think these allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct will tarnish our reputation as Americans. Do you know how many times I talked to non-Americans about this? I told them this is not who we are. Yes, we have a few numbered bad politicians wo take advantage of women and bad men are everywhere. Politicization of sexual harassment along party lines is painful. What pisses off is these male politicians don’t treat their peers and their staffers with the full respect. People in leadership positions should learn how to treat women with the utmost dignity and respect. They must know women are not their sexual tool.

  2. I am also very disturbed at this thinking. It seems that common decency and thinking have left our society. I am constantly saying to myself “What are they thinking?”

    1. I find it disturbing, too. There have always been and always will be people whose thinking a little crazy but these are people who serve as leaders in our country.

  3. So true. The misdirected hatred of many is both incomp;rehensible and saddening. I truly cannot wrap my brain around the feeling and/or belief that being democrat, republican or any other polic
    tical persuasion is worse than being a child molester. It scares me for this country.

    1. We need a kind of National Awakening. I actually think there is one happening. People are talking about these things in a deeper way than I have ever heard before. Even the commentator I cited above was not condemning. She was baffled as we are.

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