Getting Holy-Holy on Facebook

I wanted to comment on a post on Facebook today but my comment sounded so holy-holy I had to pass. I don’t feel comfortable slathering my religious thoughts all over the place. The golden rule: don’t do things on Facebook that I get irritated when other people do it.

But my blog is another thing. I feel a special privilege here where I get to have the first and last word. I get to slather my religious thoughts all over the place because this is, in essence, my journal. It contains my personal thoughts. Those who read my blog understand from the get-go that it is my territory. They can visit or not and they can comment or not. I welcome comments because my guests often find holes in my thinking or they offer a perspective I haven’t considered. But they understand that it is my territory much like a column in a newspaper to the columnist.

Occasionally I will do the religious thing on Facebook. Sometimes the impulse is too great, especially when someone posts an image of God or of the servant Jesus that is so screwed up as to lead others down a dangerous path. (My own interpretation of danger).

Anyway, I needed to say this.