In a Cottage Near Becida

I am writing from a cottage in the township around Becida, MN. The little house belongs to my daughter and her husband. I love it because it is separate from the main house, a dream spot for a visitor and no doubt nice for Kate and Jerry who can have part of their morning to themselves. I know that in my own home surrendering the quiet mornings is the hardest part of having guests. The guests are usually family members that I need to catch up with so I tolerate the temporary break in my routine.

So far today, I read while consuming a pot of coffee, did my yoga routine (outdoors facing the rising sun) and meditated, also outside. I don’t know where the mosquitoes were. And frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn.

I have some goals while here. I like helping my adult children when I am with them. There is always something around the house they don’t have time to do. Kate and I will talk over breakfast about what she may have in mind for me. We will do some exercising together. I want to support her in keeping up with the exercises she has to do to fight the Parkinson’s disease that has now come to occupy her body. We are going to work on eating, too. This last goal is always a goal when I come here but every time our resolve dissipates before we get to the end of the first day. This time I am determined. “I think I can. I think I can…I will. I will!”


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