Jesus as a Source of Division

On Facebook today I commented on the continual and deepening divisions in the country. It is starting to rip my insides. While people I know and love have always represented a variety of views,  recently there seems to be more hostility and people are taking sides as they demonize the opposing positions. It is especially evident in the politics of Washington where people of different parties no longer talk to one another. Any socializing, building of friendships, they tell me, no longer happen. These people are no longer experiencing one another as people. They are, rather, enemy combatants.

So Christmas is upon us once again. I fear that even the celebration of the great Preacher of Peace is a source of division. Christians with certain beliefs say that those who believe differently are not really Christian. Only they have the correct view of who Jesus was and what it means to be his follower. This comes from various factions, each making the same assumption about the others.

I almost started to list specific issues around this, but stopped myself. All that would do is raise blood pressures. Instead, I will just confess that my Christmas spirit has been ruined. I dread what people will put on Facebook or even comment casually at parties we might attend. For me Jesus is a symbol of Oneness and Love. When I see hatred and judgment thrown about in his name, I cringe. And it happens often.


6 thoughts on “Jesus as a Source of Division”

  1. God’s wrath will be upon those that do not follow Him…the evil doers. The problem comes when believers want to control the time frame of God’s plan. He is our father and as our parent; He will not let wrong doing go unpunished. Also Satan is real! We MUST stay strong and faithful knowing that God will intervene and judgement will be upon them…in His time. I agree that we can only pray for the world.

    1. I sometimes think there is a difference in what people mean by “follow”. For me it is more about living as Jesus lived, in relationship with the Father, and not so much in what I believe as in doctrine. As for God’s judgment or wrath, I sort of let that go. I have brought enough wrath upon myself when I tried to do things my own way instead of God’s way.

  2. I take great offence to the title. Jesus has never been the source of a division. It is the people that cause divisions – ONLY the people.

    1. I chose the title because I wanted to highlight the idea that some Christians justify their discriminating and violent acts as a kind of proof that they are the “true” Christians. I think Jesus’ words and actions fly in the face of this. “God is Love and those who abide in Love abide in God and God in them.” Simple and clear to me.

  3. Somehow my response sent too soon. What I wanted to write is that we should first and foremost seek our own salvation.

  4. It IS true that those who do not follow Christ, are not Christians. That’s a no-brainer. It IS a complicated world, when you don’t believe in Christ. That’s also a no-brainer. True Christians can and do make mistakes. And the main problem of today is that non-Christians can’t wrap their heads around the fact that Christians can and should, condemn the sin, but love the person. And where Christians often fail is that they condemn the whole person, not just the sin. It’s really quite simple, if people would not think so highly of themselves and would earnestly pray for our country and our people, but mostly for our own s

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