Looking Forward to the New Year

I have a long list of new year’s resolutions for 2017. I haven’t been very successful at these commitments over the years because most commitments had an outcome attached to them and I have very little staying-power to get me to any goal line. Exercise and dieting is a good example. But age is changing that. I no longer have any interest in losing weight, but keeping the machine running as smoothly as possible is now my goal. The body won’t last forever and I am realizing that the break-down of said skeleton and tissue is now happening faster than the build-up unless I pay close attention. So I signed up at St. Frances for their exercise programs and this morning I gave careful thought to my eating habits.

My eating is already improving. As of today, I have been sugar abstinent for two months. This was no small feat considering the two holidays when deserts and candy were in my face. For those of you who don’t know this, sugar is craving-producing, especially for compulsives like myself. When I eat sugar, I want more sugar and more carbs in general. I am already experiencing the benefits of letting go of sugar. During the day, I have been forgetting to eat snacks. Imagine that! Forgetting! It is time for the next meal before I even consider a bowl of chips. My goal this year is to continue on this path but now focus on the meals I eat, making sure there is balance, going lighter on the protein than in the past and making sure I get the fruits and vegetables I should. Carbs…only the healthy ones allowed.

What I have not mentioned so far is the part of aging that we who are old should be considering. The brain is part of the body and tends to break-down along with the rest if it is not well attended to. I continue to read everyday and do a word puzzle now and then, but I am trying to do more. Not only my thinking capacity is of concern, but I want to be sure to attend to my spirit as well. This means what I choose for reading…always at least one book that speaks to my spiritual and emotional health. And attend to prayer. Prayer, it seems, is more and more a part of my life these days as I feel more and more concerned and helpless about the world. I am blessed to have support groups to assist me with this. My friends in recovery, my contemplative community, and my spirituality book club. In each of these, I find people who also consider attending to their relationship with God important.

All of the above would be fairly easy if I didn’t have the other thing called real life. Life with family, life in volunteering, life doing daily chores of cleaning and food preparation. Sometimes it all gets me down. I have this recurring dream of living in a tiny house with only two place-settings of dishes and no nick-knacks to dust. Just me, a rocking chair and a window facing east.