Missing the True Conservatives

“Perhaps the concept of personal honor – once a crucial point of common ground between genuine liberals and genuine conservatives in Congress and society as a whole – is on its deathbed, collateral or intentional damage from the ‘populist’ movement that empowered the current Congress.”
(Brady Kiesling, archaelogist/ancient historian, “Being Honorable” in Spirituality &               Health magazine, May/June 2017)

Sometimes this liberal will share with a conservative that I yearn for the old conservatives that used to share in the leadership of our country. I don’t know that any have ever believed me. I am truly aware of the balance between a conservative and liberal point of view and, as I see it, either one, without the constraints imposed by the other, could run our country off the rails. I myself am a fiscal conservative who believes in wise management of money. But I am also one who believes that the care of the poor and struggling in our society is in a large part government responsibility. Kiesling’s assessment speaks to what I feel. I so want to believe that balance will one day be restored, but right now it doesn’t feel that way.