No More Labeling People for Me

I am going to try to drop labels altogether, even when people like to claim them for themselves. The ones that keep me befuddled are the political ones, especially liberal and conservative. I am considered a liberal but at times I get bucky about the label. I don’t blindly follow every leader that calls themselves liberal. Nor do I resist every conservative idea, especially when I think the idea has its roots in compassion. I understand the idea that well-meaning people can have different ways to approach a problem. I struggle when either conservatives or liberals deny the existence of problems however.

However you interpret the above or whatever your opinion of me, I will state my main point again: I am going to try to drop labels. Instead of saying a cousin is a conservative, I might say they hold some conservative views. Rather than say a friend is a liberal, I might say that in my sharing with them their views appear to be more in alignment with liberal thinking. Wow! I might find myself getting terribly wordy and people might stop hanging around me. But I want to open my heart and affirm that people are unique human beings who think and feel many different things.

3 thoughts on “No More Labeling People for Me”

  1. I suppose ones reaction to labeling depends on if one is the LABELER or the LABELEE.

    1. And herein lies the problem. Our reaction!!! As I said, names can never hurt us. I thought we learned that already in kindergarten, but here we are as adults, NOT acting as adults. NOT turning the other cheek!!!

  2. People are getting waaaaay to sensitive. Who cares about labels???? If you are a Christian, feminist, Lutheran, liberal, chauvinist, hypocrite, etc., etc., WHO CARES???? They are just names and can never hurt me!!!! What is this world coming to????

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