The Teaching of the Cross

The great teaching of the cross is that if Christ lives in us, we are compelled to keep walking in Love even if it should lead to death. Love is always the standard for the Christian.

The implications? Go to all lengths to help the suffering even if it puts my own well-being is at risk.  Make room for the immigrant even if the job I seek is taken. Assist the criminal even if the next crime he commits is turned against me. Help the poor even if my gift is foolishly squandered. Feed the hungry even if, in the end, there is not enough for me. Welcome the refugees even if  my assassin is among them. It all seems so illogical – and it is in this earthly world. The logic of the earthly world says that my survival is paramount for the whole point of my being here is to protect my precious life. But this clearly not what Jesus modeled. He modeled total surrender to  Love at all cost.

Some say that Jesus will come again. I say that Jesus is always on the edge of coming. He stands at the door waiting for one of us, any of us, all of us, to open the door and let Love enter. This kind of Love is not received and held like water in a cup. Rather it is a Love that will gush right through us, and will stop at nothing, not even death.