The “Theory” of…Whatever

I read an article this morning about aging, a scientific piece that started with talking about how sharks eat their young so they are a sort of self-continuing population. I worried about where this article was going to go. No, it didn’t suggest that humans follow suit no matter how much we threaten our children.

What interested me is that the author cited several examples of situations where scientists thought they had cracked the “Aging Code” when in fact, they were later proven wrong as more information came in. Thus, the scientists’ ideas were called “theories”. Remember the theory of evolution? I hear people say, “Oh, that is just a theory,” as though someone made it up for shits’n giggles. Like kids sitting around a room saying “What if….this…or that?” Theories are usually formed because there is some evidence, observation, to suggest the possibility that the theory might be true. I won’t list all the theories that the author mention that were later debunked but in the end, they were only replaced with another theory.

Theories are humble. They admit that anytime we say something about an unknown, we are just guessing. But guesses can be informed or just thrown out there for s’n gs (See above). Overtime something may happen that is so clear that it ceases to be a theory and becomes a fact. The theory that the earth is round is a good example. It was just a theory for centuries based on the observations of some really observant people. But the theory probably became a fact when someone sailing out to sea in one direction ended up coming back to where they started without falling into oblivion. Wow! What a moment that was!

So today, there are theories about where we all came from, evolution being the theory I am talking about. As the years go by, the evidence mounts. Perhaps one day it will be called fact, when the one piece that is missing is found. Yet, evidence continues to mount and people like me are tending to believe it, all the time knowing that it is still a theory. (But no longer just a theory)

What about global warming? The warming is determined to be a fact, but the causes associated with global warming are still theories…almost. I’d say, rather, that there are multiple causes and for people to look for one are just wasting time. Interestingly, one is that global warming has something to do with the evolution of the planet.

Just because something is still called at theory doesn’t mean we do nothing. Work with what you know…that’s my theory. My theory. Hmmm!

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  1. When I was growing up, we talked a lot about the authenticity of Bing Bang theory and what Muslims thought of that theory. The Qur’an states that God created Adam and Eve. In the Quran, “God created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, in six days.” When I was a kid, I wondered why “six days.” I also read the Bible sometimes; I find all faiths share common values about the world, life and death.
    FOR GLOBAL WARMING, our older generation believes human being can’t alter the earth’s climate. They argue the world existed a million years, and it will exist more than that. If you ask them why we have natural disasters more than ever, their biggest assumption is “We are sinners.”
    “Grandpa,” I said.
    “Yes,” he said in a feeble voice.
    “Why do we have a constant conflict in Somalia?” I asked.
    He looked at me right in the eye and said, “The constant war, starvation, and tragedy that appear in the headlines every day as punishment for the sins of the people who live in Somalia.”
    Before I said a word, “They turned away from God’s good commandments and chose to gratify and indulge in a sea of sins.”
    “What do you mean by that?” I said.
    “Excessive indulgence in sexual activity, lies, and many other immoralities are the reasons people suffer.” He muttered.
    That’s why I see so many Somalis, mostly older people, who argue calamitous events and hardships are NOT natural conditions that happen without a reason. I think some other non-Muslim folks also believe the idea that human sins are primarily responsible for climate change. By the way, educated Somali-Americans WILL not agree a thing with their parents and grandparents.
    AGING: In our Somali culture, aging is a blessing. Older people, particularly male, receive respect from the youth. I am afraid this culture of respect towards elders is quickly decreasing in America. For me, I believe aging is a battle we’ll never win. If we can’t win or get rid of aging all together, then I don’t have to worry about it.
    In some polygamous communities in Africa, aging process for some women is like a death knell. Women tend to worry a lot because they know their husbands marry younger wives if they age. To conceal their age, women applied homemade facial paste /mask.

    I think this will be another topic. Sorry about saying so much stuff here. I don’t write a book here!

    Thank you so much,

    1. Thanks, Abdi. I agree. You could write a book and several of the chapter topics are here. The part I find interesting is your grandfather’s take on why bad things happen to people. He isn’t the only one who would name sin as the cause. Even I agree, though not quite in the way I think he meant. The blog of yesterday, “Being a Person of Consequence”, touches on the idea of how our behaviors, good and bad, effect others. I can easily see how lying, for example, could lead to violence, especially when leaders make promises to their people then fail to do what they said they would do about things like unemployment or job security. I can imagine sexual sin causing all sorts of suffering to families and to children. Where I struggle is that, while sin may be a cause for disaster, it isn’t necessarily the sinner that suffers the pain. Rather, other innocent people suffer and the sinner often goes unscathed. I suppose that is where the idea of retribution after death came from…it only seems fair.
      This is all rather deep and we end up dealing with things that are unknown, that is how does God really work in the affairs of mankind? I wouldn’t trivialize this by saying it is anyone’s guess, but it truly causes me to sit in silence sometimes as I watch the horrific events around us and wonder how it is that innocent people suffer so.
      I enjoy your sharing. It makes me think.

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