Thinking Time

First day of a new month, a good time to start anew. I have decided to shift my schedule. In my effort to put exercise up on my priority list, if have found myself giving to the local health club the best hours of my days. All of their senior exercise programs are in the morning. Most of the participants really like this because then they have the rest of the day to do laundry, gardening, or whatever is on their list of things to do. But mornings are my best thinking times. In fact, mornings are the only times I still can think reasonably well at all. Mid afternoon I begin to get dim witted and even befuddled. If it weren’t for the lists I am always making, I wouldn’t know what to do after 3 pm.

Writers need brains that can do thinking activities: pondering, studying, reasoning, questioning, remembering, and brainstorming. Add to this the creative brain activities of being open to new thoughts outside of one’s own realm, making connections, and being able to select words and construct sentences that communicate ideas in a pleasant, understandable way. It is important. And for me at 73, it is vital as I consider the few years I have left to write.

My first book is about to be published and I am already forgetting the names of my characters and the details of the research I did putting the stories together. It is scary to think of myself speaking to a book club in Iowa and not being able to name Peter’s mother-in-law or the territory where Jesus met the woman at the well. Yikes! I am already embarrassed.

So I have chosen to alter my schedule and prioritize my time so that I have my mornings to write…like now as I write this blog. If there is time later this afternoon, when my brain is starting to go numb, maybe I will head over to the health club to walk the treadmill or peddle the bike. I will miss the old folks (like me) at the a.m. classes but I may return another day when I feel I’ve done too much thinking and need to readjust my schedule again.


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    1. Kanadiangirl? Wondering who you are. Thinking you know me and want to give me a word of encouragement. Thanks. Not so springy a chicken any more but I can still have fun.

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