What is Happening to Men?

There is an interesting thing happening with men right now. My husband was with a group of men that he says are quite conservative and like to give him grief about politics. He said he expected some comments about Al Franken and was ready for a joking response which is his style. He said he was surprised that very little was said. They were kind of somber and he reported that one guy said, “I guess I will never be able to run for political office.” His comment got a few chuckles and nods.

2 thoughts on “What is Happening to Men?”

    1. Very interesting article. Addressed were the idea of violence and power over women as being considered what it means to be a man. Toward the end, one man said he never thinks about being a man but women think about being women. I heard the same about being white. People of color think about their color. For whites, this is part of what is called, “White Privilege”…we never have to worry about how our color might be a disadvantage or how people will react to us because of our color. The man in the article sees the same true of men. I agree.
      Thanks for sending it, Marie.

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