A Dinner that Makes Me Gag

Following my last two blog posts, I had one more thought about spirituality that I wanted to blog about and then I was going to move on. Then the White House correspondence dinner happened and whatever I was intending to say took on a new direction. Yesterday I wrote that the way I know when I am living “in the Spirit” is when I am able to truly love. I was going to say in today’s blog that I believe this is true on all levels even in the world of politics where I often wander. Michelle Wolf’s comedic performance at the dinner is the absolute opposite of what I believe to be love, even in the political world. If I were Trump, I would not have gone either. I have seen roasts of presidents over the last two administrations. I watched both President Bush and President Obama laugh at what was being said about them. This year the dinner speaker’s use of humor was shameful.

I know better than to expect people will see that love needs to be operative at all levels, but I do. I don’t believe that taking an opposing stand on an issue violates this principle. But I do think that the kind of scathing rhetoric that this so-called comedian used was abhorrent. I have heard people say that Trump has said similar things about those who oppose him. This doesn’t matter to me. I don’t believe in “an eye for an eye” nor do I think lashing back when someone verbally attacks helps anything. The people at the dinner, whether they want this label or not, represented liberal America. The entertainment only verified all the horrible things conservatives believe about the liberals. I am afraid the damage is done. No matter what any reporter who was there writes, there are all those moments on tape that show Wolf being nasty and the audience laughing. If I call myself a liberal, I will be judged by association.

Here is the spiritual part of my message: what happened at the correspondence dinner deepened the divide in our country. It made a statement about liberals that was extreme and untrue when applied to liberals as a whole. Both liberals and conservatives make generalizations about the other side that are almost always wrong. We call this demonizing and the intent of demonizing is division. The Spirit of God is never divisive. In fact, in the spirit, all are one. Impossible in politics? I didn’t think so, but right now I am not so sure. If politics is by nature divisive, then perhaps politics is evil and we may have to think of another way to organize ourselves.