My New Friends

My intentions were good. I had set my alarm to get up for sunrise, but when it went off,  my husband turned it off. “I thought, why would she want to get up at 6 am?” Having been awake during the night, I had to admit that I appreciated the extra hour sleep.

When I went out past the grove of trees, I looked to my right and was startled to see in the top branches of the tallest tree, three large birds. One would think they could fracture the branches. While I gazed, another came and sat among them. I walked slowly toward them. They were eyeing me and I was trying to see their details for later identification. They were black and their faces were red with a light colored beak. The size of turkeys, though their necks were not elongated like the turkeys that visit our yard. A fourth came to perch. I wondered if the others were saying, “Hey, brother, come and see the creature eyeing us from below.”

As I neared, I guess their curiosity about me waned and the birds decided to leave. Their wing spans were wide and even flapping them slowly, they lifted into the sky. When they did, at least 5 more that had been perching in the trees followed them.

I quickly returned to the house to look up the bird in my phone app.. It was an easy identification, these were turkey vultures. I had never seen them in my yard before.

The last time I was visited by such a gathering of birds was about 7 years ago when crows decided to have a convention in my yard. Such noise, like at a political convention. At that time, I was truck by the crow’s message to speak your truth. I needed to hear it at the time as I was just beginning my blog and was in the early stages of my book.

The message of the turkey vulture? I am not sure, but one idea I found in Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews is that the fascinating bird speaks of a coming time when  one will be noticed more for what you do than for how you appear. I know there is more to learn. I look forward to getting to know this new friend.