A Patriot Stands Against War.

There was a post on Facebook, a quote from Bernie Sanders about doing away with war and all that a country could do if they only had the money spent on weapons was used to care for its citizens. Dream on, Bernie.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I am reminded that it’s original intent was to stand against war. Mothers, as Julia Ward Howe believed, have a special stake in war as they watch their sons lose lives or their futures because of war. Some would suggest that it is unpatriotic be be anti-war. This upsets me because it supports the idea that making war somehow encapsulates the character of America. If I fail to forward posts supporting our veterans, I am called unpatriotic. I love our veterans, but I am ashamed of the fact that we send them to war in the first place. I seldom forward these messages because I feel I am simultaneously supporting a war itself.

When the pledge of allegience is recited at events, I sometimes resist speaking its words. I shouldn’t. There is nothing in the pledge that says I agree with what my country does. I am struck by the fact that today we include the words “under God”. For me, this means that I when God’s plan for us and the nation’s plans conflict, I choose God’s. God does not approve of humans killing one another. War, even when we win the battles, is a sign of human failure. Call me unpatriotic, but this is where I stand.

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