Back Home Again

I have been away for some time…literally. My husband and I traveled down to Colorado to visit my son and his family. There Chris worked with my on my website. From there we went to the little Arizona town where my daughter has lived for 17 years to pack up her and her daughter to move to Minnesota. I never unpacked my computer for the ten days we were there. We basically packed, cleaned, and ran errands. My granddaughter, Christina, graduated from high school while we were there and Becky closed out her work to pass on to a new school counselor. Christina’s dad and I ran a garage sale to clear out what we could. There was very little to bring to the resale store. In the end we just got into the moving truck all of their things. Bernie was the driver for the truck pulling Christina’s car for the whole three days to Minnesota. Becky drove our car. I did very little driving which was fine with me. I make a better copilot.

We arrived home on Sunday. Becky’s two sisters and their families were here to help with the unpacking. It was great. They celebrated her coming home with special t-shirts, a chicken dinner, and a cake. Since then, life has been about unpacking, running errands, and trying to catch up with sleep. I am just now opening my computer.

We have only been home for 3 days and tomorrow we head north to Bemidji to work with daughter #2 and her husband who are on another packing spree so they can move out of their house in preparation for demolishing that and building another. Sometimes I wonder whose life this is that we are living. I am so grateful that my book is off my plate for a while and in the lap of the publisher. All I need to know is when it will be printed and packed in boxes for us to pick up. Then starts another whole adventure.

The greatest pleasure in coming north on 35 toward home was watching the green return to the landscape. I understand people wanting to escape Minnesota winters. I wish we could do so, as well. But if it meant missing the lushness that I see around our home and the beautiful 10,000 lakes that we enjoy this half of the year, I know I would choose to stay here.

Hello, Friends! It is good to be back.



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  1. 06 June is a day of NEW BEGINNIGS; as it was in 1944—–D Day and for you and your family in 2018

  2. Welcome Back! Sounds like you two could start a whole new “career” – packers!

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