Create a Faith Statement

This morning, in The Universe Has Your Back author Gabrielle Bernstein suggests writing a personal faith statement. I would like to share with you what I wrote:

I know the Christ dwells in me, That of God moving through and out to transform the world with loving attention, kind words, and action.

She suggests praying it throughout the day to deepen your faith. Then she suggests that at the start of each day, you set a new intention for yourself. Her examples:

  • to be more loving to your partner
  • to have a productive work day
  • to eat more mindfully
  • to focus on love and expect miracles
  • to practice non-interference. Miracles are habits and should be voluntary

I should really consider each of these intentions. I think those around me might really appreciate it. I picked one for today…the last one. I get the  non-interference but don’t know exactly what the second part means. Perhaps if I stick to my intention throughout the day, the meaning will hit me by its end.