Discussing The Memorial of Jesus

I had my first opportunity to share in a discussion group about my newly published book, The Memorial of Jesus. This was a special occasion because this group is my group made up of folks I have been reading and discussing with for years. (I can’t recall right now how many). I had the benefit of listening not only to their insights and questions about the book, but they offered their ideas about marketing. This was a form of support that went above and beyond knowing that people like the book. They wanted others to read it as well.

Book clubs are a great venue because it involves the sale of several books at a time, but it can mean so much more. The discussion last night went deeper than an intellectual assessment of my work or a sharing of my research. It was a sharing of personal visions and life experiences that connected our spirits. This kind of sharing is precisely the kind my characters had with the man Jesus and with one another. There is no greater thing that I would want.

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