Dreams of Clutter and Simplicity

I read in a meditation book this morning, “What gives you joy?” There was no pause, no squeezing my brain, for I knew. Simplicity gives me joy.

In my journals over the years, I made note of my dreams. I could find them if you pressed upon me to do so. I’ve visited them on occasion to see if there were patterns. There were. My most frequently occurring dream was of clutter. Physical clutter. Hoarder mess. For American Pickers a dream come true. For me a nightmare. Often I am roaming from room to room. In one recording, I wrote that I woke in a panic because I could not find my way out.

Counter this with the other kind of dream I have had. This is an awake dream that I will turn to when it is my task to drive on one of our long trips across the Dakotas or New Mexico while my husband takes a nap. Dreams and Peanut M&M’s keep me awake. This dream is about me living in a little house with just the bare necessities. I envision a dish cupboard with just two of each thing – 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 forks, 2 spoons, etc. Then, in long boring stretches I ponder just which pots and pans I would need, how many dish towels and pot holders.

A coffee pot is a necessity but not a blender, not a bread maker or even a toaster. One can make toast  in a fry pan.

If Bernie sleeps a long time, I may, in my fantasy move on to my schedule. Maybe a little laundry. No big loads because I hardly have any clothes. Enough to be able to have something to wear while the other thing is being washed. I might write but only on paper. Folks would have to learn of my wisdom years down the road when a grandchild comes across my notebooks in the cardboard box under my bed.

If someone wants to communicate with me, they would have to call me on the phone or, better yet, stop by. Surprise me. I would need a small table with two chairs, one for me and one for my friend. I would have a comfy chair, perfectly fit, or as Goldilocks would say, “Just right”. This is where I would read books about history and heroes and the workings of things. My perfect chair would sit before a window facing East where the sun would greet me each morning.

Crazy, huh?


3 thoughts on “Dreams of Clutter and Simplicity”

  1. Wish I could remember dreams. Less clutter is good. The more room I have the more I fill it up. I’m not a keeper so always trying to get rid of things. Maybe someday you will have less from you awake dreams.

  2. It seems that you’ve given this a lot of thought, Judy! I’m not sure I could go as far as you dream to, but I have come to realize, like so many others have, that all my “stuff” doesn’t lead to happiness. It can lead to feeling overwhelmed…

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